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Converse Star Classic OX White

Star Classic OX White
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Aside from the original All Star, Converse also has a few beautiful classics such as these Star Classic, presented here in low cut. These are a tiny more sporty and comfortable, with a very personal style.


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The Brand

Converse is an American shoe company situated in Massachusetts. It was founded by Maquis M. Converse in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specializing in galoshes. Soon after he started producing sneakers and renamed the canvas basketball sneaker the “All Star“. The basketball player Chuck Taylor worked as a ambassador, promoting the shoes around the United States, his signature was added to the All Star patch on the classic high-topped sneakers. The brand becomed a symbol of rebellion and was also weard in the daily life. The models Pro Leather, Star Player and Weapon turned the Star Chevron Logo in a important icon of the brand.