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Skechers Shape-ups Optimize Black

Shape-ups Optimize Black
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Shape-ups help you shape your body while you walk, exercise more, and improve your body stance. These are the very classic ones that made Shape-ups the success that it is now.


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Re-Kanken 16L


Fjaell Raeven

Re-Kanken 16L



The Brand

Skechers is an American footwear company that was established in Manhattan Beach, California in 1992. Thanks to their marketing strategy that consisted of creating brand awareness, the company became vers successful within the first 6 years. Singers like Demi Lovato and Meghan Trainor appeared in their advertising and helped them to become the second biggest foorwear brand in the US after Nike. Today, Skechers is one of the most popular shoe brands in the world and is present in over 120 countries. More than 3000 different shoe models have been produced so far, ranging from athletic to casual and elegant dress styles. The sketchers are known for their high quality and their exceptional comfort. They come in various coulours, shapes and designs and are made for men, women and children; in addition to the famous sneakers the collections also include boots, lace-ups, running and winter shoes. All in all, the Skechers are a perfect mixture of a sporty and casual style. The bright colours make them particularly trendy and fashionable.