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Teva Open Toachi Leather Bracken

Open Toachi Leather Bracken
Ref. 000276
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The Teva Open Toachi are the ultimate adventure sports sandals, specifically designed for wet environments. You should not go Kayacking or Rafting without these. They feature quick drying materials, and a very efficient anti-slipping outsole with Spider-Rubber technology. Finally, their ankle protection will keep your feet safe during action.


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The Brand

Teva is an American brand that produces outdoor shoes and especially sport sandals. The name means « Nature » in Hebrew. Thus, Teva has become synonymous with outdoor sandals over the past 30 years. The company has indeed been founded in 1982 by Mark Thatcher. Working as a rafting guide in the Grand Canyon, he has had the idea to develop a practical and comfortable sport sandal that can be worn in and by the water. The sandals are made of different synthetic materials that perfectly replace leather. Thanks to their resistant sole and their excellent fit, they are appropriate for various activities by land and by sea. Thatchers innovative idea has since spread across the world.