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Art Frankfurt Cowboy Light

Frankfurt Cowboy Light
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The ART Company produces in Spain these super comfortable and original sandals, and as usual does it with both quality and respect for the environment. The leather and canvas velcro-adjustable straps are beautiful, and the soles are 100% natural rubber. Cherry on the cake, the packaging is recycled too! Trendy and ecological!


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The Brand

The brand ART and the enterprise the ART company were founded in 1995 in Spain. Their experience however stretches back to over 30 years now. The ART boots had veritable success with young beatniks, specially in France , Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy and Spain. The enterprise could very quickly gain experience in the design of comfortable, unique and original shoes. Innovation constitutes the basis of de development of the ART Company. It’s values are based on effort, quality, innovation but also the joy of life and a good humor! ART introduces itself as « consistent, young but rational, popular and elitist at the same time, voluntarily reckless, traditionally industrial and esthetically functional. » Moreover the production process of the brand contributes to the ecological balance. The sole is made of recyclable caoutchouc. Every creation is unique and marked with an orange star on the sole.