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Geox D Rorie Smooth Leather

D Rorie Smooth Leather
Ref. 000406
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These Geox wedge sandals feature leather straps and an adjustable buckle. And of course the Geox breathable sole for great comfort in warmer days. Heels: 7cm and Plateau: 1.5cm.


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The Brand

Geox is an italian brand and famous for its design and technology innovation. The company was founded in 1995 in Montebelluna in Italy. Mario Moretti Polegato had the idea to cut a couple of holes in the soles of his shoes and developed the idea into a small leather-goods business his family owned. The Geox patent allows an increased transpiration capability. Harnessing the principle of convection, the warm humid air created by the evaporation of sweat passes through the microholes. Thanks to a revolutionary breathable and waterproof membrane of the soles the feet breathes more freely.