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Dakine W's Heli Pack 12L

W's Heli Pack 12L
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The Brand

Dakine is an American outdoor clothing company specialized in sportswear and sports equipment. It was established in Hawaii in 1979 and offers a large selection of products such as backpacks, sleeves, pouches and school wallets, sport bags, gloves and hats. When windsurfing first became popular in the 1970’s, the demand for special equipment and fittings rose. That’s why Dakine’s founder Rob Kaplan began to produce footstraps for the newly launched waveboards. After the opening of the first shop on the American mainland, the product range was expanded to the snowboard and skateboard market. In Europe, Dakine is mainly known for its trendy backpacks. On you also find hats in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. Today, Dakine offers a range of products for various sports such as surf, kite, windsurf, bike, skate, snowboard and ski.

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