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Crocs Baya Chocolate

Baya Chocolate
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Crocs shoes are made out of the robust and revolutionary material Croslite. It is soft, breathable, and very exclusive. The Baya is a litlle bit more sporty and stylish than the original Cayman, but still just as comfortable and exclusive.


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The Brand

Crocs - the well-known coloured synthetic shoes invented by the US-company Crocs Inc. The enterprise was founded in 2002 in Colorado by Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans and George Boedecker. Initially, the waterproof shoes were thought to be used for damp rooms and for boating. The secret of its success is the CrossLite material and the special sole which guarantees slip resistance and abraison proofness.Their range features the Cayman clogs, of course, but also some ballerinas, thongs, and even boots, and meet the women, men and kids needs. The crocs were for the first time introduced in November 2002 during a boat show. At first the shoes were only seen at boat shows but shortly afterwards they were also available in store chains. The product range was extended to more than 20 models. The special attributes of crocs are the striking colours and the material : It’s waterproof and not porous so that the bacteria cannot settle easily. Besides, the foam resin, only weighing 170g, adapts, when warmed up, to the foot shape. The originally not as everyday life conceived shoes thus became a big seller in a very short period of time.