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CAT 6 in. Colorado Iron

6 in. Colorado Iron
Ref. 000098
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Fr.219.00 Fr.109.50
Super-strudy shoes from industrial machine maker CAT. They are fitted with an anti-slipping sole, and a wool top for comfort and warmth. For work of for fun! The white soles are produced for the Brand's anniversary and KOALA.CH is the only place in Switzerland where you will find them.


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The Brand

Caterpillar shoes are well known for their incredible quality. Cat Footwear is built on honest heritage – in the ethic of hard work. Caterpillar equipment drives the shape of the world’s skyline; Cat Footwear challenges the landscape without apology. Cat’s lineage encompasses more than 100 years of steadfast performance and reliability. Their mission is to be your first defense between your feet and the pounding of daily life.