Terms and conditions

KOALA.CH is operated and the ownership of Chaussures Aeschbach SA, a swiss corporation based in Geneva.

Sales contract and newsletter subscription

By confirming his order the customer accepts our terms and conditions and is bound through the sales contract that is generated through this action between KOALA S.A. and the customer.

At this stage, the customer is also given the option to subscribe to the newsletter. This subscription can also happen on request through our customer service or on partner websites. By subscribing to our newsletter, the customer also accepts the present terms and conditions. The customer can at any time unsubscribe from this newsletter.


All prices on our website are in Swiss Francs, inclusive of all taxes (including 8% VAT, VAT CHE-105.823.280). In case of mistake on our site, KOALA.CH reserves the right not to deliver the products, but commits to inform its clients who have ordered on the difference and potential alternative products. KOALA.CH will from time to time make promotions or sales on its website. Those offers are only valid on the time of the publication and can not be claimed afterwards.
Vouchers or rebates distributed through the website or through partners are exclusively valid within the terms mentioned in the offer. Those vouchers are in form of codes and must be entered in the specific field during the check-out process. In no case can those rebates be used afterwards.
Our customer service team will be glad to assist the customer in this process.

Price Guarantee

As usual in fashion retail, KOALA.CH proposes reduced prices and discounts at certain times in the year on selected products. The goals are varied, but generally the objective is to propose these products at a lower price when the season comes to an end, and the chances to sell it at regular price become lower. It is therefore logical that when buying a product at a certain moment, a customer cannot in principle claim any compensation for subsequent changes in prices of that product. However, KOALA.CH commits to reimburse the difference in price when the purchase was made less than 10 days prior to the change. You must then send a request by email or call our customer service. Beyond 10 days, no claim will be accepted. Moreover, customers who pay on invoice cannot return a pair to reorder the same pair at a lower price. This is to avoid abuse, and whenever this happens, the customer will only be reimbursed the lower price paid for the pair, regardless of timing of purchase.



We put a great deal of attention on the selection of the products we put for sale on our website in order to guarantee their quality. Should you have any quality issue with our products, please contact us.

Delivery and shipping

We ship your orders in the shortest possible time, generally at the latest at the end of the first business day after the order has been made on the website.

Shipping is free for all orders except where specifically mentioned on the product details page and the shopping basket. We reserve the right to split an order in several packages, or to regroup orders made by the same customer and deliverable to the same address.

In general, we only show on the site items that are physically in our warehouse to avoid delivery delays or stock unavailability risks. However, inventory differences can prevent us from delivering a product. We commit in this case to inform you in the shortest time, and to propose alternative products. In any case, a refund will always be possible.

We only deliver to Swiss or Liechtenstein addresses. All our parcels are properly insured up to your door.

No purchase obligation

Koala S.A. makes a commitment to take back any goods 30 days after the reception of your parcel and to pay you back as soon as possible. Reimbursement will be made after deduction of potential promotions, coupons, reductions or sale advantage that was obtained at the time of purchase.

No reimbursement can be made when items are returned used or damaged or generally in a condition where they cannot be re-sold to another customer in a new condition. Packages must also be returned complete, in their original and undamaged package. Stamps, stickers or labels provided in the package must be used for returns, and procedure described must be followed, in order for Koala S.A. to bear the cost of return shipping. Please make sure to not use the shoebox as a postal package, but wrap it in an additional box or package.

Please take note that in case of a return of an article ordered a multiple times, we always refund the last ordered one.

Payment methods

At KOALA.CH, we made payment easy. Whether you chose to pay on invoice at 30 days or easily pay your order instantly and securely with your favorite VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Postfinance card or even with your PayPal account through our secure payment provider Datatrans. We also accept prepayment through wire transfer to complete your order. If you chose this payment method, we kindly ask you to make your payment within 3 business days with the exact information provided in the confirmation email. We can only guarantee availability of your order within this timeframe. Do you prefer to pay cash on delivery? No problem, easily pay the mailman or at the post station while picking up your parcel. Be aware that this service is charged CHF 15.00 by the Post and is non-refundable in case of return.

In the case of a payment on invoice at 30 days, you will have to match our criteria’s: 1) the shipping address will have to match the invoice address, 2) all personal information must be entered properly and accurately, and 3) you give your approval by accepting the present terms and conditions, to let us instantly and automatically check your details and perform a credit check which will need to be positive. KOALA.CH has no influence on the result of this test and cannot give further information on the result of this check. Instead, we can explain you how this system work, and upon request give you more details on what steps you can undertake to obtain more details on your result and get approved. Payment on invoice at 30 days can without any reason be declined. The payment terms are 30 days after your order has been placed. The customer commits to pay the full amount within this time period. The invoice management is done either by the company Curabill AG, or Debitors Services SA, or Koala.ch. All invoices are directly treated by Curabill AG, Debitors Services SA or Koala.ch. We kindly ask our customers, in case they keep the goods, to pay the full amount with the payment slip attached to the order to Curabill AG, Debitors Services SA or KOALA.CH depending on what is printed on the actual payment slip. Please be aware that in case the payment terms are not respected, reminder fees up to CHF 30 can be added to your invoice. The payment slip is always in the delivered package and in case you can’t find it, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service, which will be glad to provide a new payment slip.

Reserve of property

Until fully paid, the goods belong to the full property of KOALA.CH.

Change of customer details

Thank you for informing us of any change in your name or address before placing an order to ensure smooth delivery of the items.

Data protection and data accuracy

For all the payment methods offered on the site, the customer commits to provide accurate and current data. The use of wrong data or the abuse of identity is a fraud and will be prosecuted, according to Swiss penal laws.

All customer details will stay confidential and KOALA.CH commits to respect the gentleman’s agreement dictated by the Swiss Distant Selling Association and will respect the Swiss legislation, also in terms of data protection.

Gathered data will only be used to handle and process the order, for communication with the customer, for business planning and evaluation, for marketing purposes and to develop offers adapted to each customers. By subscribing to the Newsletter, the customer accepts that KOALA.CH communicates regularly with him with offers and news and accepts that we use his data this way.

At any time, the customer can contact KOALA.CH to be unsubscribed from such newsletters.


Items benefitting from a guarantee are subordinated by the conditions of the offer valid at the time of purchase. Guarantees take effect at the delivery date of the items and must be justified by the documents enclosed (invoice) that we ask you to keep for this purpose. Damages related to bad maintenance, normal wear or misuse of the goods are not covered by any guarantee.